Men's Bamboo Shirts

Whether you’re one to wear loud prints or keep your wardrobe casual and cool, embrace your aesthetic and warm weather dressing while feeling the difference of our eco-friendly men’s bamboo shirts. 
Discover the affordable luxury of our collection and overhaul your wardrobe with lightweight, breathable fabrications delivering some of the softest men’s bamboo shirts in Australia.
Men’s bamboo shirts — soft and sustainable staples for every man
Bamboo fibre is famous for being an ultra-soft material for clothing, so not only do our men’s bamboo shirts look great but they’re an excellent choice for all-day comfort too. Reap the benefits of the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric in summer while its thermoregulatory insulation keeps you cosy year-round. 
Due to the fast-growing nature of bamboo and its sustainable farming, our men’s bamboo shirts also make it easy to build an eco-friendly wardrobe. So whether you’re heading on holiday or hunting for casual weekend wear, our men’s bamboo shirts have got you covered.
Find men’s bamboo shirts for every adventure
No matter what activity you have planned, our men’s bamboo shirts are available in various colourways and patterns to suit all styles and occasions. 

Relaxed prints — Keep it cool, casual and comfortable with a dreamy sky blue print or black and white pattern.

Short-sleeved and classic — If you prefer to keep it minimalist, our short-sleeved men’s bamboo shirts are also available in timeless colours, including black, white, navy, pink and blue.

Bold and bright — Stand out at a summer BBQ with men’s bamboo shirts featuring loud and lively prints ranging from colourful palms to eye-catching flamingos.

For easy-to-wear pieces that look great for any occasion, bamboo fabric doesn’t wrinkle no matter how much you wash it — so you can forgo the pain of ironing and just pull it from your wardrobe and slip it on immediately. 
Shop bamboo men’s shirts in Australia today
Kingston Grange is a family-owned and operated business that has been distributing men’s bamboo shirts to stores in Australia for over 14 years. As specialists in all things bamboo fibre clothing, we’re proud to offer a unique weave that’s 65% bamboo and 35% cotton — a bend that balances comfort, durability and style.
For the widest selection of bamboo men’s shirts in Australia, explore our collection online for pieces you can dress up or down and wear your way. Shop the complete range today and get quick and affordable delivery directly to your door anywhere across the country. Need some styling advice? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team – we’ll be happy to help.

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