Few things compare to the affordable luxury and everyday comfort of sustainable bamboo clothing. From bamboo boxers and briefs to cool and comfortable bamboo socks to bamboo men’s shirts in Australia, Kingston Grange has a huge collection of wardrobe staples for every man. 
Add bamboo clothing to your wardrobe
Kingston Grange features a wide selection of bamboo clothing to add to your daily wardrobe rotation. Pair breezy short-sleeved shirts or polo shirts with relaxed-fit shorts. Style yourself in moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirts and bamboo pants you can move freely around in. Or dress up in knitwear and denim jeans for an elevated casual look! You’ll also find breathable bamboo basic tees, singlets, socks and underwear!
Bamboo fibre is famous for being an ultra-soft material for clothes. But why can’t consumers get enough of our bamboo men’s shirts, pants and underwear?
The benefits of investing in bamboo men’s shirts
You’ll reap the following benefits when wearing bamboo clothing:

Soft and luxurious — Bamboo fibre floats along your skin because it has a smooth, round structure that minimises the chances of irritation.
Breathable fabric — Bamboo fabric has microscopic holes that offer optimal ventilation, so it always feels breezy and breathable against your skin.
Moisture-wicking — Known for being thermoregulatory and moisture-wicking, bamboo fibre clothing can keep you cool even on the hottest days.
Insulating — Bamboo clothing isn’t just beneficial for the summer — the fabric’s thermoregulatory features also contribute to a warmer, cosier winter.
Antibacterial and hypoallergenic — Natural bamboo fibre can fight against odours. It is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Bamboo clothing contributes to an eco-friendly and sustainable wardrobe. Bamboo has an extraordinary growth rate and can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, bamboo farmers need minimal water and fertiliser to grow the plant to make the fabric we source from them.
Moreover, the bamboo fabric doesn’t wrinkle, no matter how often you wash it — you can save some time and effort on ironing bamboo clothing!
Why buy organic bamboo clothing from Kingston Grange
Kingston Grange is a family-owned and operated bamboo fibre clothing company that has been distributing to stores throughout the Australian market for over 14 years. We design, manufacture and import the best personalised bamboo men’s shirts in Australia — our product range expands every season, bringing in fresh designs you’ll love.
What makes our men’s bamboo shirts, men’s bamboo underwear, bamboo pants and other eco-friendly clothing so different from competitors’ products?
At Kingston Grange, we pride ourselves on offering a unique weave that’s 65% bamboo and 35% cotton. This all-natural fibre is soft against the skin, cool to the touch and extremely comfortable to wear — and it’s exclusive to our products. Add this feature to the other benefits of bamboo, and you wouldn’t need anything else.
Add our products to your wardrobe today and get in touch for enquiries! 

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