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Strike a pose and enjoy comfortable fabrications in our sustainable bamboo collection

If you like to balance contemporary cuts with a conscientious approach to fashion, our men’s and women’s bamboo collection offers premium fabrications and timeless designs you can rely on for effortless everyday dressing. From wardrobe staples to tops and bottoms that you can endlessly mix and match, you can take advantage of our expansive range of bamboo fabric products to introduce sustainably chic dressing into your daily clothing.

Whether you’re looking for vivid print dress shirts you can wear to the office on Fridays and after-work drinks or shorts and pants in classic cuts and block colours that are easy to style — slip on our new arrival bamboo products that you’ll love to wear through the cooler and warmer months.

This and every season after, our bamboo eco-friendly products are the hottest pieces you can have in your wardrobe. We carefully weave and craft our clothing from bamboo to minimise your environmental impact, so you can suit up in plush fabrications that are soft on the skin and kind to the planet.


From breathable women’s and men’s clothing that keeps you comfortable during hot Australian summers to durable fibres and modern designs that make our range a staple for everyday dressing, we have you covered for any occasion and activity.

Explore our expansive collection and choose from timeless pieces you can wear from one season to the next.

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As one of the best eco-friendly products, bamboo boasts a remarkably fast growth rate, which makes it an incredibly renewable resource. It requires little water and no pesticides, so you can style yourself with sustainably chic clothing. Plus, it helps maintain the soil’s nutrient diversity, so you can enjoy that your wardrobe’s bamboo collection makes a positive environmental impact.

Absolutely. When it comes to bamboo products in Australia, you’ll find it’s naturally hypoallergenic and offers a buttery-soft feel, making it incredibly gentle on the most delicate skin. The best part? Its breathable fibres are moisture-wicking, helping to regulate your body temperature by drawing sweat away from your skin and ensuring you stay comfortable, dry and free of irritation during balmy days.

  1. Organise your bamboo fabric products into separate loads for colours and white clothing.
  2. Set your washing machine to a cold water cycle, use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners — don’t worry, your bamboo clothing will feel softer after every wash.
  3. To achieve the best results, make the most of the abundant sunshine in Australia. Bamboo products dry quickly on a clothesline and prevent your clothes from shrinking in the dryer.
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